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HELiOS provides an integrated suite of building energy analytics and due diligence services to develop, analyze, insure and finance energy retrofits with ease and confidence.

Building Energy Analytics

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Standardized building energy performance assessment and energy retrofit analytics.

Projects due diligence and performance risk assessment.

Self financing or 3rd party financing - PACE, On Bill, Energy Savings Agreement, Leasing ...

End-to-end energy analytics

HELiOS provides end-to-end building energy analytics to support the development and financing of building energy retrofit projects. Our web-based solutions include: Building Energy Performance Assessment (BEPA), Energy Audit Evaluation, Rapid Building Energy Modeling, Energy Retrofit Simulation, Energy Efficiency Risk Analysis, and Measurement & Verification.

HELiOS PROPERTY MANAGER™ (Building portfolio management and performance benchmarking.)

Commercial Property Owners and Managers are increasingly regulated and subject to investor requirements to disclose the energy performance of their buildings. While the EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager offers free benchmarking reports and statement of performance, it is not sufficient for evaluating energy savings opportunities, running financial analyses, managing energy improvement projects and measuring the energy savings performance rigorously.

HELiOS PROPERTY MANAGER™ provides an easy to use and collaborative platform, fully integrated with EPA Portfolio Manager, enabling facility managers to benchmark building energy performance, identify and evaluate energy savings projects, manage the retrofits, and track the performance to verify the projects ROI.

HELiOS ENERGY ANALYTICS™ (Building energy use analytics)

Buildings energy use is determined by multiple factors and variables, and are notoriously compicated to track in a meaningful and comparible manner. Energy services providers and facility managers need to process through disparate time series of energy bills, normalize them to calendar months, neutralize the effect of weather, occupancy, working hours and other variables to create reliable performance metrics. In addition, understanding energy use by end-use category requires complex algorithms to disaggregate the loads.

HELiOS Energy Analytics simplify the process and provide standardized energy performance metrics to easily track usage, prices, costs and energy savings.

HELiOS BEPA™ (Building Energy Performance Assessment)

Conducting a building energy performance assessment (BEPA) on a building involved in a commercial real estate transaction is a starting point for developing, evaluating and financing energy improvement projects, and the subsequent reporting of the measured energy savings.

HELIOS BEPA™ (Building Energy Performance Assessment) provides simple and easy to use tools to benchmark, analyze, monitor and report buildings’ energy performance. Our technology is based on rigorous standards of energy performance for buildings, including ASTM BEPA E2797, IPMVP and ASHRAE 14 Guidelines.

HELiOS EEM™ (Energy Efficiency Measures Analytics)

A standardized and systematic means to identify and quantify the potential performance of Energy Efficiency Measures is a critical factor in providing the consistency that the financial community needs to approve the funding of commercial building projects.

HELIOS EEM™ (Energy Efficiency Measures) enables energy auditors and facility managers to evaluate the economics of Energy Efficiency Measures, their energy savings and financial characteristics, as well as identify utility rebates and other incentives.

HELiOS M&V™ (Real-time Retrofit Performance Tracking and Reporting)

Ongoing measurement and verification is critical for the demonstration and insurance that energy efficiency projects are delivering expected and contracted energy savings. Unfortunately, energy efficiency is invisible to the eye. Retrofit projects require standardized energy analytics to recognize the cash flows from energy savings.

HELIOS M&V™ (Real-time Retrofit Performance Tracking and Reporting) uses standardized measurement & verification guidelines and protocols such as the IPMVP and ASHRAE Guideline 14 to track energy reductions and savings on a monthly basis. Standardized M&V through the HELIOS’ platform offers a rigorous and transparent way to track energy savings to all parties involved in a building energy retrofit (owner, lender, contractor and utility).

HELiOS EE-SIM™ (Energy Modeling Tools for Retrofit Analysis)

HELIOS EE-SIM™ (Energy Modeling Tools for Retrofit Analysis) allows non-experts to rapidly model their properties and analyze their energy retrofit opportunities. This eliminates the need for costly and labor-intensive energy engineering cycles to develop and identify viable retrofit projects.

HELIOS EE-SIM™ is based on a standardized building energy model that has been in use in Europe for evaluating building codes and energy performance for over 10 years. HELIOS uses advanced algorithms to calibrate the model to actual building energy use. The clear advantage is drastically reduced modeling time from 1 to 2 weeks of expert building energy scientist time to less than 1 hour. The US Department of Energy has recently completed favorable comparison studies with DOE2.2 and EnergyPlus, thus validating the use of this simplified building energy model.

HELiOS EE-RISK™ (Energy Performance Risk Assessment)

Capturing and rating energy savings with confidence is critical for obtaining financing.
Although returns on investment are usually very attractive (avg, ROI > 25%), building energy retrofits require significant upfront capital (~ $3/ sq.ft.). Gaining confidence in the value of energy savings is critical to convince CFOs and Investors that cash flows from savings will be delivered, and thus offer performance guarantees through energy savings insurance.

HELIOS EE-RISK™ provides a rigorous evaluation of the probability of achieving a certain level of savings from a retrofit project, which can then be insured.

HELiOS RETROFIT EXPLORER™ (Pre-energy audit retrofit assessment)


HELiOS RETROFIT EXLPORER™ allows for rapid evaluation of
potential energy retrofit projects in a pre-energy audit stage.

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HELiOS EXCHANGE™ (Online Financing Services)

Coordination of properties and financing options is a necessary starting point for creating a vibrant market. Energy retrofits offer real estate investors & owners a sure way to significantly increase their asset value, but financing is needed upfront.

HELIOS EXCHANGE™ (Cloud-based Marketplace) facilitates and coordinates retrofit financing under proven 3rd party financing models such as PACE, Energy Savings Agreements, or On-Bill-Financing through utilities, as viable alternatives to self-funding.

HELIOS EXCHANGE™ provides end-to-end building energy analytics to support the development and financing of building energy retrofit projects. Our web-based solution allows for reducing the transactions costs of energy retrofit project financing by a factor of 3. This makes it economical for small and medium-size commercial buildings to seek third party financing for their retrofit projects under existing financing mechanisms such as Commercial PACE, Energy Services Agreements (ESA), and On-Bill-Financing (OBF).

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