Company Overview

About Helios Exchange

Commercial Real Estate Energy RetrofitHelios Exchange is the world’s first commercial real estate platform for energy retrofit project development, insurance and financing. Helios provides building owners and facility managers with turnkey solutions to discover, insure and finance their energy improvement projects with ease and confidence, and capture the resulting green premium on asset valuation. The rapidly growing Helios’ database covers over 150,000 commercial properties, 15 Billion Sq.Ft. of small to large size commercial real estate in major U.S. cities with high-energy prices, stringent energy disclosure and improvement mandates, and legislative support for innovative clean energy project financing such as PACE programs. Thanks to its city-scale smart building energy analytics, Helios Exchange has identified over $10 Billion in annual energy savings and profile compelling business cases. Through its network of financing partners, Helios can provide up to $500 Million in project finance across a variety of financing models for small to large scale clean energy projects. Helios partners with a nation-wide network of Energy Service Professionals to complement them with energy analytics, insurance and financing, enabling them to close more business. With the maturing of financing models such as Energy Savings Agreements and PACE financing, the emergence of big data analytics, and our innovative technology to quantify the performance risk of clean energy projects, Helios can offer zero-down financing solutions, insure the performance risk to bring confidence to the retrofit transactions, and do this at city-scale. Founded by sustainable investing pioneers Pierre Trevet, former Head of Sustainability Finance at C3 Energy and Hewson Baltzell, former Managing Director at MSCI, Helios Exchange has offices in San Francisco and New York City.