( Online Financing Services)

Coordination of properties and financing options is a necessary starting point for creating a vibrant market. Energy retrofits offer real estate investors & owners a sure way to significantly increase their asset value, but financing is needed upfront.

HELIOS EXCHANGE™ (Cloud-based Marketplace) facilitates and coordinates retrofit financing under proven 3rd party financing models such as PACE, Energy Savings Agreements, or On-Bill-Financing through utilities, as viable alternatives to self-funding.

HELIOS EXCHANGE™ provides end-to-end building energy analytics to support the development and financing of building energy retrofit projects. Our web-based solution allows for reducing the transactions costs of energy retrofit project financing by a factor of 3. This makes it economical for small and medium-size commercial buildings to seek third party financing for their retrofit projects under existing financing mechanisms such as Commercial PACE, Energy Services Agreements (ESA), and On-Bill-Financing (OBF).