Due diligence and Insurance Solutions

Helios provides the tools that take the risk out of energy efficiency project finance.
Due Diligence & Insurance

Insuring energy efficiency project performance has typically been only done with large project performance contracts, leaving the small and medium sized buildings at risk on efficiency project performance and savings.

HELiOS’ patent pending risk assessment and rating solutions have been designed to provide the risk assessment needed by insurance companies to underwrite policies for PACE funding vehicles, as well as traditional lenders, financiers, and building managers. HELiOS is the world’s first to offer quantitative energy performance risk assessment and rating products.

HELiOS Energy Efficiency Risk solution:

  • Provides a rigorous, simulation-based risks metric necessary for understanding and comparing the performance risk of energy efficiency projects.
  • Bases equipment performance uncertainty and measure specific energy savings estimates using an energy modeling tool certified by the DOE.
  • Uses cutting edge stochastic statistical methods to calculate the uncertainty of the savings estimate which is used for developing a overall risk rating.
  • Delivers through partnerships with major insurance companies PACE programs, and financiers.
  • HELiOS provides the data needed for obtaining performance insurance for your projects.